Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Duke Creative Writing Workshop

This summer I will be working with one of my favorite teachers from High School, Ms. T. She was both my AP English Language teacher as well as the advisor to Etchings, the Literary Magazine at South River, which I was actively involved in. Together she and I will be running a Creative Writing camp for gifted and talented kids at Washington College. Since the class is for Middle School children, we will be reading, The Hunger Games!

As excited as I am for the upcoming creative writing class I'm going to teach in three weeks I am also a little nostalgic for the Creative Writing Workshop I attended back in 2009 at Duke University. That two week long camp was just about one of my favorite summer memories and I still keep in touch with most of them and we are all from different states!

The classes the camp offered, really opened my eyes to the world of creative writing. The drills and lessons sparked creativity in me and really did enhance my writing. We read many short stories and poems (that I still have,) wrote and we even gave really constructive feedback on the stories to one another.

When we weren't in class we'd usually be hanging in the common room playing the dart game, playing dodgeball, or just generally being silly. We even had a camp dance where I both had an awkward date and passed out on the dance floor. My favorite events were definitely a combination of karaoke and the talent show where Dibo and I did an impromptu lip sync performance of Elephant Love Medley.

And one night we even traveled around the college town befriending hippies, hula hooping with them and even drinking some fresh milk from a dairy farm not to far from campus. The friendship, the writing, and the memories will always be with me from that wonderful summer.


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