Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Fun Books

Ever walked through a bookstore and found an odd book that stuck out? Maybe it was the bright colors, or the pop-ups, or the crazy title. But these are the books that just look fun. I have a few books like that actually and I love to read them. They cheer me up and never stop entertaining me.

During my Senior year of high school I kept this in my purse and would pull it out whenever I got bored. I learned all the countries in Africa through this.

Well this is just entertaining and self explanatory.
These letters are beautiful and sad and I just want to know more about their life each time I read them. 
I'll have to make a post on my progress with this book. My cousin, Kara, completed this once while we were in North Carolina.

No Plot, No Problem
I just got this the other day and I can't wait to crack it open.

I'm looking forward to adding some more silly books to my collection this Winter.

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