Thursday, December 22, 2011

Goals for Winter Break

I'm making goals. Not resolutions. Resolutions are meant for after New Years that you drop once February starts. Goals are meant to be completed. I plan on acting on and completing all ten goals that I have set for myself.

Goal No. 1: Fitness
I am going to work out, eat healthier, and lose weight.
Gerred and I will be doing P90X and I am unfreezing my Gold's Gym membership and returning to Zumba and Pilates classes. I may even run, I did finish two 5Ks this year so there's some hope.

Goal No. 2: Writing
I am going to write. I haven't written a short story or worked on a novel since last year and I think it's high time. I have a story idea that's been sitting on my desktop for awhile now. Plus I have to put the No Plot, No Problem book I got a month ago in Twigs and Tea Cups to use.
Goal No. 3: Photography
I finished a Red Bull photo shoot last week (photos will be up soon.) I have another photo shoot December 22nd as well as a hopeful promise of a group christmas shoot sometime in January. If you're interested at all contact me.

Goal No. 4: Make & Save Money
I will be working at American Eagle again in January. My plan is to continue on with my good money habits by splitting my paycheck with half into checking and half into savings. As well, as trying not to spend my money frivolously.

Goal No. 5: Cook
Notice it's cook and not bake. That goes right back to Goal No. 1. Anyways, I want to become even better at cooking by trying out so many recipes. I'll post about them here too. Get ready for lots of smoothies (even if that's not cooking.)

Goal No. 6: Hair & Make-up
Well I certainly need to learn to curl and braid my hair. As you may know, I've been trying to curl my hair for quite some time now and failing miserably each time. I plan to change that. And it may be all the youtube beauty gurus I'm watching on youtube, but I just need to become a pro. I'm ready to try out new tips, brands, and styles.

Goal No. 7: Fashion
I always want to become more fashionable. I hope to create my own amazing outfit combinations in real life and post them here.

Goal No. 8: Blog
I really am enjoying blogging and I know I will continue the journey!

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  1. Shannon, all of your goals are MY goals! Goal buddies? Well minus photography...but everything else I want to make a real effort to do more of in 2012 despite my hectic life schedule!

    Sarah Douglass