Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Gifts for the Best Friend

This holiday season you want to get your friends someting awesome. You've got the best friend from back home (Katie) and the friends at school. For school, I'd do a secret santa so you can really get a person a gift you know they like instead of giving everyone mini hand sanitizers and finding a hole in your pocket. Anyways here are some best friend picks that won't break the bank!

My friends are big scarf fiends so i'd definitely give them one.

I have to say the AEO Earbud Earmuffs are just about the coolest winter invention. Listening to music and having warm ears are always a plus.

Nail Polish is always good especially Sephora by OPI. Any make-up would probably be nice.

This book, Hot Guys Holding Baby Animals, is amazing for the friend that flips through People's 50 handsome guys a whole lot.

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