Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

I hope everybody has had a wonderful holiday season with your families. I am so lucky to spend the holidays with Gerred this year and it couldn't be better. He got to see how my family does Christmas starting with my Dad's side of the family for Christmas Eve.

Here are the girl cousins
Me, Tara, Kara, and Kelly all ready for Christmas cheer!

Fun fact, Danny can hold an ornament with his ear.

The over 21ers participate in the White Elephant Christmas which involves stealing gifts of hard core alcohol.

 Kacie and I play it safe by staying out of both the over 21 and the under 18 with our own swap. Make-up and brushes for her and skinny belts and a Forever 21 gift card for me.

 I love my Kacie!

Then we went back to the house to exchange Christmas presents with Ryan and Jenn. And goodness gracious do I love Jenn for getting me this Lilly clutch. Serious excitement there.

Ryan got Gerred a fancy flask with his initials GMO.

Coincidentally December 25th happens to also be Ryan's 28th birthday so I got my brother a birthday hat beard and as a Christmas present this fisherman's sweater. I have such a cool brother.

Lots of holiday wishes out there for everyone!


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