Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Curling Iron

With the terrible way the hot curlers turned out I thought I'd give the curling iron a go. Well, that was worse. I looked like I didn't do a thing but wake up with bed head. As soon as I got to class my friend told me to put my hair up, for good reason.

All hairspray. No curl.

Perhaps it's the hair curler I use? It didn't feel that hot when I was curling my hair. Although, in all actuality it's probably me.

So until I can find some sort of sensei curling expert to teach me the ways of the iron, I will have to try some other strange method. Apparently putting socks in your hair works?


  1. hehe, this post made me laugh ;)
    I think its just practice!! I don't like using hair curlers and instead use a hair straightener and use it to curl . . just practice ;)


  2. Dude remember the one time I curled your hair and it totally worked? I can't curl my own hair either. I make my sister do it. It's hard and it burns ma fingers.