Sunday, December 4, 2011

Film Candle

I've been trying to mess around with the film camera I got in an antique store in New Mexico this summer. But I'm still new to film and without having a class in the actual art class, I'm going in blind and everything is out of focus.

 Blurry Gerred at a beach we found while hiking.

Although, there are the few blurry photos that I've taken, I can always take the negatives that no one uses and put them to use. Rather than keeping them in the envelope they were developed in (because yes, I don't know how to develop film.) And that's with film candles!

What looks like a shot glass is actually a candle holder!

All right, first step is get your materials
  • photo negatives
  • glass candle holders
  • double sided tape
All you need to do is measure the photo negatives around the glass, tape them onto the outside of the glass, and then put a tea light inside the glass and light it.

The full tutorial can be found here

And if you're really daring you can attempt the lamp which I think I'd have to give a shot.

For the time being I'll have to work on how to use my camera properly (It's from the 30's) and use my negatives for a positive reason!

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