Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Loot

This Christmas was amazing! I was able to sleep in and put aside my need to get up at 2 AM for presents. It was nice, quiet, and I had my whole family with me. Might I say I have the most adorable little cousins, Jesse, and baby Ilyssa. They were just so happy and giggly that it just put me in a good mood all day. But onto the presents...

This, was my favorite gift! I had posted about this bag awhile back when I first started writing this bag blog (guess you know what's on my mind.) It's perfect I don't have to lug around my shifty case anymore. Now I can look stylish when I hit up New Mexico with my camera next week.

Yep, that was my big gift: another trip to New Mexico, but this time in Winter. I'm so psyched to see this state again. Such a beautiful place. 

Here's my christmas loot:
Lilly Pulitzer clutch from Ryan and Jenn
Epiphanie camera bag from Gerred
plaid scarf from Aileen
3 pots of MAC eyeshadow from Katie
2 fashion books
2 writing books
cable sweater
Army v Navy shirt from Gerred
Farmgirl Hot Cocoa (Dad got it from Vermont)
Navy Crew & Boxer Set from Grandma

I'll even share Gerred's gifts:
video camera (with bag, battery, and memory card) from me
monogrammed flask from Ryan and Jenn
beard hat from me
bacon air freshener
pilot book
plane DVD
naval aviation license plate cover
vienna sausages (don't ask)
movie trivia quiz from me
2 maple syrups (Dad got them from Vermont)

Wonderful Christmas!

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