Monday, December 12, 2011

Army Navy Game

After attending many Navy football games this year and last, I've finally made it to the Army Navy game. I've definitely seen these growing up, but being there was amazing. I sat up in the nosebleeds and the very top with my Dad and Gerred's parents visiting from New Mexico. 

The cool thing about it all was that President Obama and Vice President Biden were there to watch the game.

He walked around the field, shook hands with both academies, tossed the coin at the beginning and even saluted Gerred during halftime.

Because Obama was there, so were these snipers who were everywhere. Like, above my head.

The game was so close too, Army showed a lot of team spirit and really fought for it, but of course Navy won. So now Navy has been undefeated 10 years in a row!

For the halftime show, D&B made a neat submarine to go along with the song "Crimson Tides."

The whole game was mega-patriotic. I felt like I was shivering for all the bald eagles of America.


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