Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Aileen's sister, Amber, came to visit for the day before leaving for Thanksgiving break. So Emma, Aileen, and I took a trip into town to see what Chestertown had in store.

Our first stop was Play it Again Sam's. It's the cool place to be in Chestertown. It's basically the coffee shop hangout to any TV series.

We had some lunch and told a few stories.

Then it was off to Twigs and Teacups, a store full of quirky little knickknacks.

After our recent encounter of amazing pub food at the Dubliner, we thought this Irish Pub Cookbook was neccessary.

Check out all the cute books!

Aileen and Emma with a few of the odd things in the store.

I got this book because I've been eyeing it for a few years now and thought it necessary to get it. I can't wait to read it over Winter Break.

We all had a lovely time and I definitely got a lot of Christmas shopping out of the way, specifically for Katie and even a stocking stuffer for Gerred.

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