Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I ran my first 5K this past Sunday in the 3rd Annual John Ripley Memorial Race and I am not a runner. Not at all. There are 3 things that keep me from running in general:
  1. My knee- I tore my meniscus 4 years ago and even after surgery it never fully healed.
  2. Boobs- I have big boobs, it's not fun to run.
  3. I'm Lazy- The thought of running makes me cringe a little.

But I have to say that this decision to run was perfect. I feel so accomplished for running for a good cause and for crossing that finish line. It was nice to run it with Gerred since he had me singing cadences and songs we like. Apparently, from what Gerred said, cadences gave me bursts of speed. Now it's off to the next 5K Thanksgiving weekend with the Arlington Turkey Trot. Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck with your next 5k at the Turkey Trot!

    1. Be sure to wear a knee brace or wrap it, you don't want to tear your meniscus again.

    2. I hope you have found a Good Fitting Very Supportive Sports Bra!

    3. I don't agree, you have so much going on it would be impossible to be lazy!

  2. 1. I probably should.
    2. I do have one!
    3. I'm lazy until I go out and do something, then I love it :)