Monday, February 4, 2013

Gerred's 23rd Birthday

Today is February 4th and that means it is Gerred's 23rd Birthday! I won't be able to spend this year's birthday with him, so I'm wishing him a happy birthday over the phone at midnight, letters, cards, facebook, texts, gchat, and of course on here. That's how a long distance birthday is done, blog birthday wishes with silly photos.

One of Gerred's favorite things about having his birthday on the first week of February is that every year he gets to watch the Super Bowl around birthday week. He's a big football fan (like most guys.) College football, particularly Navy Football, is his main passion. I'm not sure if he has a NFL team. If my Dad had it his way he would be a Redskins fan and if his Sister had it her way he'd be a Cowboys fan. That aside he was ready to watch with excitement for this years Super Bowl with the Ravens vs. The 49ers. We both rooted for the Ravens since Maryland is the state where we met/ I live. And they won, which was a perfect way to start his birthday.


Anyhow, just thought I'd share some extra birthday love over here for my fiance. Love you and hope you have a great night tonight and that you enjoy API when this week ends.

Happy Birthday Gerred