Friday, February 1, 2013

Back to School Playlist

This week I received a back to school package from Gerred. In it were shoes I'd left, stationary, seashells, and an amazing mixed CD he entitled the Back to School Playlist. I thought I'd share with you all the songs he curated since they've been playing in my head all week. Give it a listen here.

Treehouse // Gold Fields
Believer // American Authors
Bigger Than Love // Benjamin Gibbard
From Nowhere // Dan Croll
Outside // Fairchild Republic
Safe and Sound // Capital Cities
Sweater Weather // The Neighbourhood
Zimbabwe // New Navy
Carried Away // Passion Pit
Tightrope // Walk the Moon
Danny, Dakota & The Wishing Well // A Silent Film
Sleep Alone // Two Door Cinema Club
Female Robbery // The Neighbourhood
My Body // Young the Giant
Quesadila // Walk the Moon
Paper Tiger // The Seabellies
The Worst of Them // Issues

How'd you like the playlist? My favorite is Benjamin Gibbard's "Bigger Than Love." Because I've always been a big Postal Service and Death Cab fan. Any songs of your own you'd add to it? Let me know.



  1. Ooh I like it! I've never heard of any of the artists on the playlist but I really liked their songs... I'll have to check them out!