Monday, February 11, 2013

Inis Mor

After our time spent in Galway, Karyn, Sam, and I hopped a ferry to the largest Aran Island, Inis Mor. The boat ride was a lot calmer than the first one I took to Inisheer and as soon as we got off I could not stop myself from saying "Wow, how beautiful is this?" every couple minutes. We kept walking when we found a bus driver who took us around to see some highlighted sights, so we wouldn't be pelted by the rain, before we reached Dun Aengus.

When the bus driver let us off at the Aran Sweater shop and headed home we all rushed into the store, knowing how cool the Aran Sweaters are. I knew it would be great to bring my family back some sweaters for Christmas-Birthday.

Then we had lunch in this beautiful little shop. I had arán donn (brown bread) with bradán (salmon) on top. Look at that I did learn something in Irish language class--food. Of course I would.

The walk back from Dun Aengus was long, there was rain and an intense fog. But the sky looked so beautiful in all the different colors of light that it wasn't that bad. Luckily, a police officer picked us up and drove us back to town in time to catch the ferry.

Innis Mor was one of my favorite places in Ireland. The trip was peaceful and eye opening and I was so glad I went. Stay tuned for the rest of the Inis Mor day trip to Dun Aengus.



  1. Beautiful pictures! :) Have a wonderful Monday.

  2. Innis Mor looks beautiful! So did you ride in the cop car?

    1. We totally rode in the car and it was great because it was the police officer and his mother in the front seat. They kept saying "We just couldn't have you walking in the rain by yourselves."