Saturday, February 9, 2013

Saturday's Instagram Recap {Week 6}

I'm back again with Sara's Saturday Instagram Recap and even though there's no real recap to link-up with this week I'd still like to share with you all the things that have happened.

Saturday // I got glasses and they aren't half bad. I finally understand the meaning of HD and can read things in class.

Sunday // I made a sweet betting chart for the superbowl and guess who won, The Ravens!

Tuesday // My OOTD was gym clothes and really has been only gym clothes this whole week (minus Friday) because I've been getting myself to the gym. This is not really January resolution madness, this is just oh hey I'm getting married I should probably do some cardio and shape up my arms so I look good by the time I get a dress madness.

Wednesday // My mailbox was happy as I received cards and letters from Virginia, North Carolina, Finland, Germany, and Ukraine. One of those letters was from Life with rMe and it really made my day, she'll need to expect one in return pretty soon. Also, for the February challenge I had to pick my favorite song and I had a hard time with that. I saw Katie chose Got Your Money by Say Anything and I thought hmmm what do I like to sing at the top of my lungs? Weezer. Specifically, Buddy Holly. "Oooeeeoooo I look just like Buddy Holly, oh oh, and you're Mary Tyler Moore. I don't care what they say about us anyway. I don't care about that."

Thursday // By this point in the week I'd already joined two new clubs, Global Mentors and Peer Wellness Educators, to sort of get back involved at WAC. And headed to the gym for my second time so I've been really trying to eat healthy and log it all on the MyFitnessPal app. Healthy Choice is my friend as it is my main dining partner. Oh and I finally hooked up the beautiful camera strap from Broward Patch Gerred got me for Christmas to my camera. 

Friday // I took a trip to the International Re-Entry Conference at UPenn. It was one of the best conferences I've attended. We talked about marketing study abroad experience in resumes and interviews, how to work globally in the US, and digging deeper and reflecting on our time abroad and the changes it has made in our lives. It really got me to reconsider what I plan to do with my life and career into the sense that now I feel like I want to do a million different things. Afterwards we headed to Pod, a super cool Asian restaurant that I kept oohing and ahhing over almost every few minutes.

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  1. Thanks for posting even thought I was away this weekend!!! I love that our camera straps are from the same shop!