Wednesday, February 6, 2013


In December fellow Washington College student Sam from A Diary of Travel came to visit me in Ireland. The first thing we did was catch up as we walked around Cork at night. I showed her St. Finbarrs, the Cork Christmas Market, and all the Christmas lights. The next day we headed out for a long bus ride to Galway.

We explored the beautiful streets of Galway and all the little shops in between including Claddagh Gold. Galway is the birthplace of the Claddagh ring and Claddagh Gold had a little museum of the rings orgins in the back. I got my ring in Kilkenny four years now and have been wearing it every day since.
The guy at the hostel told us to run down to the water in time to see the sunset. When we got therewe saw the Spanish Archways in honor of Sam's abroad experience. I didn't know that Spain had a trading port in Galway back in the day.

We explored the beach, found a boat named Aoife (beautiful in Irish), and got to see the sunset the hostel guy talked up. It was definitely worth it to rush out here in time.
Sam and I then met up with Karyn and posed by Oscar Wilde before we headed over to the Galway Christmas Market. We all picked up some delicious macaroons which I have since declared my favorite "fancy" treat.

Saving the trip to Galway for last was worth it. The town was beautiful and the three of us had a great time before heading to Inishmore. I'll update you all soon with that adventure.



  1. Galway looks beautiful! Did you sing "Galway Girl" while you were there? One of my friends was lucky enough to study abroad in Galway for an entire semester!

  2. Looks like you had so much fun! The pictures are so pretty and makes us want to visit Ireland even more than we already did!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings