Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Toy Show

One of the traditions I was let in on while abroad was the Toy Show. The Christmas Special of The Late Late Show. I'd never heard of it, but it somehow was the Irish equivalent of the Superbowl. I mean that in the amount of viewers that gather around their tv sets with their friends and watch as a man-child, Tubridy, hosts a show where kids mess around with toys and things get crazy. The show is filled musical acts and Tubridy's wierd antics, needless to say a drinking game was involved in the watching of the show. It was a killer game.


Some of the highlights include the Little hustlers, a mixture of old school and new school dance, as a group of kids dance to hip hop and step dancing. As well as a 5-year old boy on a tractor speaking "an Gaeilge" before riding off stage.

Watching the Toy Show was quite the experience. I'll have to tune in next year to see what happens because I've already decided to make it a tradition.


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  1. That looks totally awesome. I might have to join in on watching (and the drinking game!) this year. And those Little Hustlers, they have more talent than I ever will!