Saturday, November 19, 2011

Student Entrepreneur

I was recently featured in the Elm as being an up and coming Entrepreneur for my growing photography business Shannon Kirby Photography. It's nice to be recognized for my work by the college, especially next to Taylor and Leland.

Here is some of what I discussed in my interview:

"I like to bring stories to life through my photos. I think a photo is a representation of creative thought.”

“I have a lot of energy and I bring that to photo shoots. Personally relating to people and putting them at ease brings out the best in them photogenically. I think my background in improv also helps because it enables me to think on my feet and guide people to their comfort zone.”

“I’m accessible. I’m at the college. I offer a discount to students and because I am a student, I’m more sympathetic to and willing to work with their needs.”

You can read the full article here as well as the editorial.

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