Thursday, November 10, 2011


I've never been a real accessories kind of person. I mean I've always wanted to be, but when it comes to shopping I never really think to purchase any. I'd like that to change because a lot of my friends are big scarf fiends and it just makes their outfits look complete. Here are some of the scarves I'm loving so far.

I wish I could have a scarf like this, but Murphee Scarves are so gosh darn expensive.

If I felt like being an outlandish old movie star one day I'd wear this scarf from Modcloth.

This would be perfect for Fall with the deep colors.

The infinity scarf is a trend I haven't tried yet, but it definitely looks cozy.

I absolutely love the colors and the idea of this scarf.

I worked at AE over the summer and I'm happy with this scarf. I think I'll have to get it next time I go to work...which is Black Friday.

I think scarves are my going to be my first step into the accessory world. I'll have to watch videos on youtube as soon as I purchase one (besides the one scarf I do have) and figure out ways to wear them.

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