Monday, November 21, 2011

Dream Home

Sometimes I just like to think of what my dream home would look like. I blame my parents. They dragged me around while they looked at houses. We would drive around neighborhoods and my mom would admire them. They'd even take me with them to visit open houses. That was just their thing and I hated it. But ugh, now I think like that too. I like houses a lot and definitely have a sense of what I want.
I want a little white house in a suburban/rural area where I can see grass and trees.

The kitchen needs to be open and have granite counter tops. The reason for the granite is after moving into my house 6 years ago there were green tile on all the counters and walls like a bathroom. It was gross, but the granite we have now is lovely.

For houses, I like color. I like color on the walls or at least in spot color in pillows and curtains. Wooden ceiling beams would also be ideal.
Here's my favorite part. I'd love to have an awesome office that I could use as my photography studio.

I want the bedroom to be just as warm as this room. So that it feels like a home.

The bathroom would be huge and there would be a walk in shower as well.

And I'd love a wrap around porch with a section that's screened off so that I to can sit with my dog and read a magazine without looking at camera.
Most importantly this house overlooks the water. And there you have it my dream house. Of course dream houses don't happen right away. They are there for inspiration in the places you live in today. So I made my dorm room my dream dorm and I am quite happy in it right now.

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