Monday, November 14, 2011

DC Trip - Part 3

What's a trip to Georgetown without visiting the famous Georgetown Cupcakes of TLC's DC Cupcakes? So we had to see for ourselves.

We waited in the cold Fall air in the line that went out the door, huddling for warmth in the cold Fall air.
Then two people from Georgetown Cupcakes came out with thermoses of Hot Chocolate and distributed to us free Hot Cocoa. It certainly kept us warm and was awfully nice.

Once we got inside there were just so many cupcakes.

So fancy.

The pink boxes are so iconic. I'd almost equate them to a blue Tiffany box.

I even got to see them bake and decorate the cupcakes.

That day there was a promotional deal for both their new book and for the wedding that included one free cupcake for everyone and the free hot chocolate we got outside. I got red velvet and pumpkin spice.

My favorite Red Velvet!


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