Thursday, November 10, 2011

Camera Bag

The camera bag I have is the generic Canon DSLR bag. It's thick, square, black, and a pain to lug around. I want a camera that isn't a hassle to open and doesn't feel like so rigid. So I've been looking into some different types of camera bags that maintain a fashionable edge to them:


Check out this bag from Epiphanie! It is stylish and I absolutely love the braid details on the side. It even comes in grey, pink, red, camel, and black. Personally I love the grey one. Also check out how much space is inside.


Jototes also brings designer bags to the table while still being able to lug your camera around with you wherever you go. There's plenty more styles and the compartments are well padded just like Epiphanie.

Ketti Handbags
These bags are a lot more casual and come in fun flowery prints. These are for the more artsy photographers. The chevron really caught my eye too.

By using this tutorial by lil boo you can make your own insert. That way you can take any bag you want (like say this Vera Bradley bag below) and pop the insert inside. Voila, your camera will be protected from harm and you will look pretty cool.

Vera Bradley - Metropolitan Bag in Broque

So it appears as if camera bag is #1 on my Christmas list right now. I need to look oh so very stylish when I'm out on a photo shoot and these bags definitely do that.

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