Tuesday, November 15, 2011

DC Trip - Part 4

Not following the proper order of meals, we soon headed off to dinner at the Irish Pub, The Dubliner. When we got there the hostess tells us it's an hour wait. Well we had already paid 2 hours in the meter and we weren't leaving. So we made our way through the crowd over to the stage and sat down.

Sure enough this guy, John McGrath, pulls out his guitar and begins to play some Irish songs. He was amazing and was actually from Northern Ireland. He came to DC for two weeks to play.

There was one woman in the crowd who decided to say it was her 21st birthday. It wasn’t, it was more like her 30th. We all sang happy birthday to her and then she randomly begins to step dance with her friend to his songs. She was actually good too even after a few drinks.

Here we are singing along.

The food was authentic and delicious and a nice treat away from the dryness of the Dining Hall. I love Irish food. There also might’ve been a wedding in there that we crashed for a bit.

Aileen and I want to go to Ireland next Fall and this trip to the Dubliner only strengthened this wish. Also, we have decided that this is a definite venture for our real 21st birthdays.

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