Saturday, November 26, 2011

Outfit Inspiration

I've been in a jean rut for awhile now. It may be a lack of clean laundry or just the fact that styling different outfits in the morning is not a top priority as the semester comes to a close. But, today I was inspired whilst grooving along on tumblr and found this outfit.

The juxtoposition between glitter and chambray made me fall in love. I had to recreate this outfit. In my own way of course.

This J.Crew's factory shirt fits in perfectly into my idea. If I ever go through with this outfit inspiration I'll probably wear my American Eagle chambray shirt though.

Instead of paring this with the vest in the picture, I thought why not use a scarf instead with an interesting print. Obviously it's a Madewell scarf since it is my new obsession of scarf lust.

This Modcloth skirt is a must have. My friend Kelsey got this skirt for her sister and since then I've enjoyed it. And this skirt is certainly on my must have list!

Top it all off with leather boots and you have an outfit.

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