Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I've been busy editing photos these past couple of days. Recently there's been a wave of photo shoots-- 3 in only two weeks! Honestly I have no idea how I got to this point where I have an actual photography business. I've always enjoyed photography as a hobby, but slowly it's been developing into somewhat of a business.

It started when I took engagement photos of my best friend and her fiance as an engagement gift to them.  I then put the photos up on my photography Facebook Page.

That's when people started to take notice of the business aspect. Right towards the end of summer I had two more photo shoots: a mud battle couple shot and a senior portrait session. And my portfolio grew.

When I got back to college people then began to look at these photos. I then took pictures for Hilary (The Anchor Drops) since she needed a bio for her internship. She blogged about it here.

That's when I thought to make a real website I made it on my mac and then that's where my latest rush of 3 came in: a group shoot, head shots, and a couple shoot.

So I've been overwhelmed with editing and still surprised that any of this is working out. More surprisingly though is that this past week I've had 4 requests for photoshoots: 2 senior session, a maternity shoot, and a couple shoot. One of the senior sessions found me from my site because she went to school with one of the girls I photographed. So my site has paid off!

I'm proud of how this business is turning out. And how a little dream of mine is flowering into something beautiful. I hope it continues because I'm having fun with it.

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