Monday, September 10, 2012


I've been exploring Cork City during the day and of course at night. As I am loving the night life, I've realized that I have never really been a party-goer before and don't have anything good for the day to night crossover. So I've been peaking in on a few shops on St. Patrick's Street and just about stopped in my tracks when I found they had a Topshop here in Cork, Ireland. Once inside I helped my friend put together in outfit for his birthday and picked up a nail polish for myself (shown below) because everyone is looking at my hands now and I need to look good. Here's an outfit I made from Topshop to go with the nail polish I picked out.

I'm really considering getting the flats. Until then I'll be peaking in on a few Europe only stores.


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  1. LOVE that dress! Glad you're having a great time! I've been totally obsessed with stalking your pictures!