Friday, September 7, 2012

Back to School Supplies

I've always gotten a sort of rush out of school supplies shopping ever since I was little. It's the same feeling I get when I walk into an art supply store. I just stand there in the aisles staring at every little stamp or pen and thinking of all the things I can create with it. Going back to school brings that up in me, especially with all the beautiful shapes and bright colors there are out there in the office supply world. Now that I'm in Ireland there's a few things I wish I had with me in terms of school supplies.

1. Sweet Tea  Paperie // Classic Sailboat Note Sheets // I realize that I'm using less of my phone to make the lists that I need just to go through the day and would love to just have a pad of paper around to help organize the to do lists and Tesco grocery lists. These look like they could even double as stationery even. 

2. Martha Stewart Home Office // Sticky Flourish Notes // Martha Stewart is a classy gal. Well aside from her brief moment in prison, she's great. I mean everything that woman's company creates looks clean, polished, and put together. These post-its would make me feel like I should actually complete the reminders I leave for myself. Right now I miss my cute set of post-its on my desk at home my cousin, Tina, gave me that are pink damask ones that I used daily.

3. Maybooks // Custom Design // I've always wanted to use Maybooks after seeing all the different customizable notebooks you can make and even have the class title or your own monogram written up at the top. Honestly, cute notebooks make me actually want to open them up and write neatly in them. This proved true after last semesters Green room Target journals.

4. Papersource // Airmail Pencil Case // Pencil cases made out of recycled products are so trendy and of course if it's going to be any design, it better be airmail.

5. Papersource // Canning Jars A2 Stationery // Classy note cards are always important to have on your desk along with some stamps in case you need to wish someone well or give a thank you to a professor for writing a recommendation letter.

6. Lilly Pulitzer // 2012-2013 Large Agenda - Skip On It // I'm so glad that this is one of the only office supplies I did bring with me to Ireland. My Lilly agenda from last year is still usable since it goes all the way until the end of 2012. I used this agenda more than I ever used one in my whole life.

7. Sharpie // Essentials Combination Pack // Sharpies, highlighters, pens, and pencils oh my! This may be the most exciting part of school supplies shopping. And it's terrible because I have way too many highlighters because of this in my desk. I will say having so many different clickable colors made me feel like a boss during AP Lit when we had to annotate any text in front of us.

As much as I am fawning over these, I will most likely opt for the cheapest items I can get with my euro. I may get some UCC notebooks though since I'm feeling actual school spirit here.


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