Sunday, September 16, 2012

Postcrossing Organization

I've finally reached 50 received postcards as well as 50 sent postcards! I can truly say that collecting postcards through postcrossing is a hobby of mine now. And now that I have so many cards, I've thought up of new ways to display my postcards. Hiding them away in boxes defeats the purpose of sharing the art and culture of these wonderful postcards, these postcards should be stored in a way that can be seen and celebrated.

Albums // Go for a beautiful new album with pockets to slip the cards into or even try a Vintage Album

Upcycle // Get Crafty and upcycle your postcards into something new like a trunk or a lamp.

Wall Art // Decorate your walls with framed postcards, line them up on photo ledges, and even hang postcards from string all around the room (this is what I do in my dorm.) [via]

Other // You can even hang them up on cork or memory boards. Let them dangle from a mobile, or if you're really thinking of a great use for them hang them in the shower curtain.

How do you organize your postcards?


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