Sunday, September 23, 2012

Homecoming Dresses

With the arrival of Fall comes homecoming where school colors are worn and everyone is showing their school spirit at the games. I however, have never truly had a "spirit" for homecoming in high school or in college. It's probably because of the dances. See, I like dances that are more like a Prom or a Ball. I like to be fancy. Homecoming has never been classy. I've seen so much body-con metallic zebra print tulle sparkle dresses that I'm sort of done. 

So, I beg of you, just leave that terribly made high school homecoming dress at home (nay donate it) and don't wear it to your college homecoming. Now, while I try to dress fashionably now I didn't before and have committed this crime of wearing the ugly dress again. It shouldn't happen. (Also why did I ever feel like curling my hair was my best option...since it doesn't work?)

Dresses for events like these should really only get one shot and that's why Rent the Runway is great because you can find a $400-600 dress and rent it for $50-75 for the night. I rented my Birthday Ball dress for the first time from Rent the Runway and looked fantastic. Redeeming, from the above pictures right? So here are just a few Rent the Runway dresses that would be great for homecoming or any sort of social dance coming up.

Erin by Erin Fetherston // All For You Dress
Tracy Reese // Not Over You Dress
Sachin + Babi // Neon Nightlife Dress
Z Spoke Zac Posen // A Little Respect Dress

You can sign up for rent the runway here.


P.S. Karyn just pointed out that the model in these photos is Chantal from ANTM.


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