Friday, September 28, 2012

Fresher's Ball: Paint Glow

Last night I did something completely out of the range of my comfort zone. I went out on my own to the Paint Glow themed Fresher's Party. I didn't know anyone, but just went with the feel of the place and the music and started dancing. Now aside from it being a great DJ dancing party, this was Paint Glow so water guns of glow paint were pumped into the crowds, buckets were dumped on heads, and people would go up and draw on your face with paint. I met a great bunch of people and had a blast dancing all night covered in paint.

Before, during, and after. I was drenched in color, most can't be seen in the last because there isn't a black light. But I loved the glowing heart on my shirt pocket.

 [photos via Daire Calnan]

I think the best part was that no one was freak dancing or grinding, just crazy people dancing. Be sure to check out this video to sort of get the full effect.

So. much. fun.


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