Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Postcrossing 34-42

Here are some of the postcrossing postcards I received from back in the states and during my first week here in Ireland. There was a great variation of countries that sent these out to me including Poland, Ukraine, Thailand, Holland, Belarus, Japan, Germany, and Finland.

1. Cracow, Poland // Here is an aerial view of The Main Market in Cracow. The principal church, clock tower, and town hall tower can all be seen in this postcard.

2. Ukraine // Japan brought Cherry Blossoms to Uzhhorod, Ukraine a hundred years ago and has since flourished and celebrated. It makes me think of the lovely Cherry Blossoms of Washington D.C.

3. Hua Hin, Thailand // This is a fishing town about 3 hours away from Bangkok that has some "great seafood."

4. Holland // I believe this is my second penguin card and I must say rows of animals are lovely. This type of postcard was great because there was a fold at the end that acted as a card that covered the back.

5. Belarus // Storks are the national bird of Belarus, so the sender chose a stork photo as the design on the card she made with Touchnote. I have yet to use this site, but I love that I received one so I know it works.

6. Kagoshima, Japan // Kagoshima lies in southern Japan with an active volcano "Sakurajima" at its back.

7. Briefzentrum, Germany // The typewriter and flowers together in a field is stunning.

8. Finland // This is a little rose fairy about to head off to a party. The text in Finnish says, "The party of the bee begins at 6:00 o'clock. That's why I have a new rose-frock and my wings are ironed. Mr. Dragonfly, hurry up and take me with you."

I'm loving my assortment of cards and if you'd like to try to join Postcrossing and send your own cards (like I got my friend here in Ireland to do) then check it out here. And as always Happy Postcrossing!


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