Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Postcrossing 43-49

Hello everyone, it's World Post Day! In order to celebrate I'm sharing more of the postcards that I have recieved including my new favorite card from Belarus along with cards from Spain, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Holland, and Finland.

1. Minsk, Belarus // The colors and the story of this card make it my all time favorite postcard. The card is vintage and the sender mentioned that this postcard "is older than our parents." On the back there was an inscription in Russian about the classic Russian Folklore "The Three Marckers of Ilya Muromets"

2. Valladolid, Spain // This is the St Gregorio Cloister National Sculpture Museum where the architecture and art is all beautiful and religious.

3. Rodenhof, Germany // Oooh Tiger cubs. How adorable and the stamp on the back was large and lovely, it has Mary holding the baby Jesus with angels and cherubs all around them.

4. Netherlands // Jos van Riswick's oil painting of "Stilleven met granaatappel" or "Still Life with Pomegranate." He paints a lot of still life fruit.

5. Holland // The sender says she lives by the sea with her family and has lots of grain.

6. Cervo, Italy // Around the area of Cervo there are very little plains and so many of the villages are built on hills by the sea.

7. Finland // What an interesting depiction of a fairy and an angel embracing. But I can see why I was sent this card since I listed fairytales and mythology as my interests. The sender sais they were going to a postcard lovers event in Finland and I hope to go to one some day too.

Happy World Post Day and Happy Postcrossing!

P.S. I've been sick, and traveling, and sick so I'm sorry that I've been gone.


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