Sunday, November 25, 2012

Irish Thanksgiving

Away from my family's table in Maryland, I was still able to have a feast as Karyn and I brought Thanksgiving to Ireland with the UCC Rovers Club. Karyn made the turkey, I mashed up some potatoes, and we made a little feast for our guests who were celebrating the holiday for the first time.

One of the biggest questions was "Why do Americans celebrate Thanksgiving?" In order to answer this we played clips of the origins of Thanksgiving on the History Channel. The clips actually wound up being more convoluted then we intended since there are actually 3 separate events that lead to Thanksgiving (Pilgrim-Indian feast, the writer of "Mary Had a Little Lamb" who wanted to give thanks to everyone, and Abraham Lincoln wanting to celebrate after the Civil War) and none of those events explain why Americans eat turkeys. So maybe Thanksgiving is just a big excuse to eat food and be "thankful."

After dinner we tried taking a group shot and I never explained that I put it on continuous timer so we really got some interesting photos. We also tuned into the Redskins vs. Cowboys game because nothing screams Thanksgiving like Cowboys and Native Americans fighting. Football was also sort of a confusing sport to explain so we wound up tuning into Irish Donkey Derbys which I must say are a far better sport to watch on Thanksgiving.

How did you spend your Thanksgiving?


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