Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Ring of Kerry

I've traveled around the Ring of Kerry before. In fact I spent an entire week back in 2008 traveling in the south west of Ireland, so when I heard Student Tours Ireland (a cheaper way to travel for students) was taking a trip down there I hopped right on board. I needed to see Dingle again and might I say the whole trip was very very scenic.

I traveled across this bridge before and saw Puck the Goat, but this time I got to get out of the bus/car and take a moment to really take a look at it.

I got to see Torc Waterfall for the first time. Gorgeous and the woods around were very green and mossy. I also saw Ross Castle again, but this time it wasn't raining and the view of the lake and the mountains around it was breath taking.

Inch Beach, I remember running across this beach with my family.

Then we visited Dingle and saw all the little houses and shops that I remember. We then set out on a boat to find Fungi, Dingle's famous dolphin. And we found him and he started jumping in the air and swimming by our boat. Then we went farther out to sea to see all that we could. And the water was sincerely that blue at one point.

I remember so much from the trip four years ago and loved it so much, but this trip prooved to me that even if I may have been to a place and seen all that I thought I could see there's always still things left to discover.


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