Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Postcrossing 50-54

It's time I catch up on the postcards I've received, which for the record has been quite a lot. The postcards featured in this post are from Russia (2), Japan, Germany, and Switzerland.

1. Moscow, Russia // This is "Summer in the Country" by Nina Panina. I just love the berries here.

2. Kyoto, Japan // Pictured is the famous Ninnaji Temple founded in 888 AD. The temple is also a UNESCO world heritage.

3. Izhevsk, Russia // This is the monument to the founder of Izhevsk arms factory, A. F. Deryabin

4. Germany // Multiple views of German sights.

5. Switzerland // The sender wrote "Well, I think Ireland is a very good starting point for further travels. If you need any ideas this card maybe has a few hints. When I was younger I travelled the whole world-- nowadays I stick a bit more to Europe. Enjoy your stay in Cork!" If a card like that doesn't warm your traveling heart what will?

Happy Postcrossing

P.S. Let me know if you'd like a postcard.

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