Thursday, November 1, 2012

Harry Potter Studio London

The last part of the weekend trip to London ended perfectly with the trip to the Warner Brother Studios for a tour of The Making of Harry Potter. I was calm all the way there until we walked inside and I lost my cool and started jumping up and down in excitement because I was going to see where the Harry Potter movies were filmed and walk through them discovering all the movie magic!

When I walked through the doors of the great hall my jaw dropped. I got to see everything in the films up close and it all just seemed even more magical just being there. I walked by the uniforms, the fire place, the tables, the gargoyles, all the way up to the head table where the house points were along with Dumbledore's owl podium. I just felt like I was about to be sorted into my house right there.

After exiting the Great Hall, I came across the Boy's Dormitory and the Gryffindor Common Room. The deep red and golds, the tapestries. Such a beautiful set fit for the Gryffindor House. Did you know the portrait on the wall is supposed to be a young Minerva McGonagall.

Another great part of the tour was that not only did they show the sets but all the rest of that movie magic. I got to see the beautiful costumes of the Yule Ball, Snape's wig, Creature masks and animatronics, and architecture. Everything just seemed so alive. 

Dumbledore's Office. I was never fully aware of the architecture of the room before. It has three levels that extend into an observatory and a lower basement like area. There's books everywhere and astronomical devices. I loved seeing the pensive in there along with the sorting hat and the sword of Godric Gryffindor.

Then came the outdoor part where I got to see the flying car, Number 4 Privet Drive, drink a glass of Butterbeer, see the triple decker night bus, and Godric's Hollow.

And at the very end there was a ballroom sized room filled with a large model of Hogwarts. I walked around and the Harry Potter theme began to play as the lights changed from day to night. Little yellow lights went on inside the castle and everything was magical. I really almost cried because a childhood dream came true.

This was an amazing trip to England and The Making of Harry Potter made it so. I advise anyone traveling around England to pay it a visit especially if you're a Potter Head like me.


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