Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Painting Date

This Spring Break I decided (last minute) to visit Gerred in Texas again! Come to think of it I've spent each Spring Break in a different state to visit him. I spent 2011 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, 2012 in Washington D.C. (and a little day trip to Connecticut for Katie's Maury Bachelorette Party), 2013 in Pensacola, Florida, 2014 in Corpus Chrisi, Texas. I guess seeing the world is certainly one of the perks I can check off for being a Navy wife. Speaking of perks, we went on a date last night and we had a blast.

Gerred found a groupon for Pop Goes the Easel! a painting BYOB party place where you learn to paint with a drink in your hand. Gerred and I chose whiskey sours in the always respectful Bubba Cup. Let me tell you what, it made him in artist. Maybe it was the whiskey or maybe the sour, but he was painting like Van Gogh for someone claiming to have zero artistic talent.

Actually the whole time I was reminded of our last artistic endeavor in Disney World. We drew Woody and Stitch. Let me tell you he's come a long way since drawing "the cowboy who has seen things."

Our instructor, taught everyone how to paint a seaside landscape. But I saw this painting of an anchor on the wall and I asked (since there were only 8 attendants) if I could try my hand at that. She said yes and made sure to check up on me in between the explanations of how to make a cloud which was seriously channeling up several images of Bob Ross in my head.


Anyways, I got a pretty neat how to course on how to paint a striped background (tape it, paint it, dry it) and free styled from then on. 

I loved our end products and would definitely do this in the future. Maybe when I reach my dream goal in life of joining a wine club fronting as a book club I'll do this again.

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  1. Pretty neat! I need to check out one of those places around here. They are popping up like no bodies business. Just like when frozen yogurt and cupcake shops were the new rage.

  2. Wow you both did very well. But that anchor... you nailed it!

  3. I love how popular this paint and drink places have gotten lately! Unfortunately I've yet to actually try one out, but they always seem like such a fun time!