Monday, March 17, 2014

Meet Fergus

I got a text back from Gerred around finals last semester asking:
 "What if I got a cat?"
"A cat?"
"There is a cat in the area that needs a home ASAP." He sends a photo of him and adds, "He's a 4 month old kitten."
"Are you thinking of actually getting a kitten?"
"Not without you, but he's so cute."
"Well, he is cute."

And he got the cat. We named him Fergus after Fergus Mac Roich of Irish mythology. Apparently the previous owner had him about a week and said this kitten was trouble. The guy claimed he kept crying at night and that's probably because he didn't feed him since Fergus was malnourished. Some people should just not own pets.

Fergus is such a well behaved, goofy, soft kitten. He likes to perch on shoulders like a parrot, he likes to jump, lick faces, bring over toys to play with, and cuddle. Basically he's an oddball kitten and we love him. He even has his own hashtag #fergustheweecat
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