Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Creative Process

This semester I decided to entertain myself with taking an art class, The Creative Process. In the course of the class I could come up with any idea and create projects while getting critiques from my class. Many chose to do musical pieces, toy making, book making, feminist art, performance art, documentaries, creative writing exploration of the outdoors, stop motion slutty name it they tried it. I chose to go with idea of storytelling through portraiture and watercolor. I asked people what made them who they are now, what are they going through right now, and who are you? I looked at four different people and one fictional character and decided to represent their stories in pictures.

This is Katie of Tips From the Mrs. with Bear Grylls. She is figuring out what it's like becoming an adult and growing and mentions that the day she figured out she had to become an adult was the day she bought a washer and dryer.

This is Gerred: "Now, in the military, I have more order to my life than I ever did growing up. It helps me. It calms me. I still enjoy spontaneity, but I respect the discipline involved with life being a pattern of lovely things.” He says that patterns are what helped him shape him into the man he is today.

This is Nina. She has a tattoo on her side of an Indigo Bunting. I painted the tattoo and overlaid it on top of her. The bird represents her brother.

This is King Lear. This piece begs the question that Lear asks throughout the play, “Who am I?” The fool’s answer that Lear is only “Lear’s shadow” is represented as the light above him reflects his shadow below him. The shadow here is meant to be the man that Lear once was; the man that had everything. The watercolor represents the division between the kingdom and the division of the mind in madness. The fleck of gold in the center is the man in the epicenter of the universe being reduced to nothingness.

This is my grandpa. We went out to where his garden used to be together and talked. He told me stories about growing up on the farm, leaving for the Army, and now seeing his garden gone.  
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  1. I think these are awesome and such a fun idea. I really like the one of your grandpa, but I think the one that "fits" the best is the second of the grid going from less to more structured.