Friday, May 24, 2013

End of Semester Recap

You know what, when it comes to blogging I tend to have an uneven ratio of words to pictures. And I'm really ok with that. I understand there's a lot of TLDR out there and I think most of my pictures can say a lot already. That's why I love instagram. I get to essentially mini blog which is super helpful for letting everyone know what's going on in my life without me writing a book all the time. Anyways, I never shared how the end of semester ended up: I was high stress with finals and then immediately went into vacation. Well I'll have you know I made out with some of the best grades this semester and managed to have fun towards the end, shocking I know.

PopPop || He's been living with us lately because his apartment building caught fire (his room is okay, they're just rebuilding.) It's fun having him around since he's a pretty fun party kind of guy.

Alcohol Gifts || I relieved a variety of drinks from my family. Whiskey, champagne, wine, vodka, and rum. And of course a book of drunk writers, Literary Rogues.

Kacie and Me || Kacie and I are finally 21 and got to drink with the family together at Pusser's.

BBC Drink in Ocean City || Mom and I went to Ocean City for Mother's Day weekend. I went to look for jobs and a place for me and 9 friends from Ireland to crash. The search was near impossible, so I wound up looking in Annapolis (to my luck.) Even though searching was hard my mom and I had a great time bonding and drinking wine and tropical drinks.

3 Years || Gerred and I have been dating for 3 years now. May 9, 2010 is when we made it official and August 30, 2012 is when he proposed. I'm happy to marry this guy one day and can't wait to start planning and you know, making a real wedding date.

Mother's Day Mimosa || On Mother's Day I told my Dad "Let's make mom egg white omelets with feta cheese and the whole shibang" he agreed, but I wound up not cooking that at all. I instead made mimosas out of a ton of oranges. We then went bike riding and then ate at Gina's Cantina, yum!

Nancy Drew: The Deadly Device || I played the 27th game of the Nancy Drew Mystery Adventure games (yes, I've pretty much played them all since I was 11.) This one was sciency and revolved around Tesla. It wasn't my favorite, but I wound up live playing and texiting it with my other Nancy fan friends: Stacie and Maggie. I cannot wait to play the Ghost of Thorton Hall.

Farewell to Tom || My cousin, Tom, recently got a job in Charleston, South Carolina. He's moving down there and I can't wait to visit him some time because, hey it's South Carolina and Tom.
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  1. Looks like you had a great end of the semester! Congrats on your good grades! And you will definitely want to visit your cousin in Charleston because it's a beautiful city!