Saturday, July 28, 2012

Shoe Staples

After the end of this school year I discovered that all my favorite shoes had been worn way past expiration and had to be retired. Recently my pair of Sperrys finally died (there is legitimately no more sole in that shoe) and now that means I am without flats, rain boots, or everyday shoes. I now have to rebuild my shoe staples before I head off to Ireland and am back to looking at shoe basics.

Sperry // Bluefish 2-Eye Boat Shoe - Linen Oat // Sperrys are hands down my favorite everyday shoes. I find myself wearing these everywhere I go around Annapolis or on Campus during the school year.

Hunter // Original Tall - Green // As far as rainboots are concerned, Hunter seems to be the boot of choice. Ireland bring on the rain, I'll get the boots.

Delia's // Pepper Boot - Chesnut // Luckily I already have a pair of boots similar to these that I am rather smitten with.

J. Crew // Cece Suede Ballet Flats - Byzantine Blue // If I could get all these flats in every color I'd be in heaven. If I could even get this one beautiful blue I'd live in bliss.

Jack Rogers // Napa Valley Navajo - Cork // Even though I'm focusing mainly on fall shoes, if I were to choose a holy grail of sandals I'd put Jack Rogers on top. It'll just be awhile (a long long while) before I see myself getting these shoes yet.

What are some of your shoe staples?


P.S. For the Sperry's I'm still considering between getting the same as my old ones, the Linen Oat, or getting a new one like the Navy Seersucker Plaid since they are going to be a new pair. What are your thoughts? 

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