Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sun Protection

I'm finally back from OBX, North Carolina! The beach was great as it always is with my family. I got to spend my days reading Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha,  searching for fish in the ocean with goggles, cornhole, and a having lots of family mischief. One of the things I'm the most proud of is that this is probably the only time in my life I have walked away from a week of the beach without a sunburn. Here's how I was able to stay safe in the sun:

1. Canopy // We drive up on the beach and there are bunches of people splayed out on beach towels tanning...and then there is my family under the biggest canopy ever. That's a fair amount of shade and is always a party.

2. Billabong Date Me Dress // Cover ups are definitely the way to go especially when they're loose and cover your back properly.

 3. Target Colorblock Floppy Hat // I had some issues with this hat blowing off, but it protected my face and neck so well.

4. Ray Ban Wayfarers // Ok, I just got a pair of polarized sunglasses and I am in love. How was I unaware of their power until now. I don't have to squint all the time! This may have changed my life.

5. Philosophy Here Comes The Sun Face Suncreen // I like to have a face sunscreen that is separate for my face so I'm not spraying it or getting too greasy of a face.

6. Hawaiian Tropic Hydrating Lotion Sunscreen 50 SPF // I prefer sunscreen to be at least 50 and in lotion form because sprays miss a lot and make skin tight.

Have any sun protection tips of your own? Let me know below.


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  1. I have a very similar routine. AND I have that hat too! mine got wet though, and now it's SUPER floppy :( I need to starch it or something.

    Glad you had a great vacay!