Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Postcrossing Cards 21-26

After sending out my postcards a huge rush of incoming postcards came in the mail this time from Russia, Holland, Belgium, Canada, Belarus, and Austria.

1. Moscow, Russia // The sender says she's studying and working to become a designer of footwear. Pretty cool, I think I'll have to look out for her.

2. Delfr, Holland // Delfr is a small historical town with many canals, narrow streets, small bridges and old houses. I love the outfits (especially the holland shoes) and all the color.

3. Bruges, Belgium // Cats in beer steins. How awesome is that? I just about died when this arrived in the mail. One of the interesting things about the sender though was that she likes to make lace. I wonder how you'd do that.

4. Tillsonburg, Ontario, Canada // Tillsonburg is named after the first Mayor, E. D. Tillson in 1872. This aerial view shows where the sender's office is as a legal secretary.

5. Vicebsk, Belarus // Belarus certainly looks nice and the sender even adds that she is "an optimist who likes cats."

6. Vienna, Austira // Austria looks delicious. I could go for just about all of the desserts on here.


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