Thursday, July 26, 2012

July Happenings

July has been a busy month for me so when I wasn't teaching, waitressing, or ringing up frozen yogurt I made a real adventure of my day off and went off exploring the East Coast. Here's some images of my 
July adventures.

Power Outage // When July arrived, the power went out for miles. I was driving home from work when each of the lights on my street went off one by one as if someone had used a deluminator. Luckily, my family and I left for the beach right around the time that the week long power outage struck.

Beach // I was at the beach for an entire week reading, relaxing and playing cornhole. I took this picture one day when I went out on the beach with my younger cousins Kara and Tara. We were all resting around reading books (and I was sort of in a bad mood) when suddenly our other cousins, Brian and Charlie came out onto the beach playing Mumford & Sons songs and we slowly started to sing with them and I felt better.

4th of July // It was crazy at the beach house. All I can say was that the next day there was lettuce all over the lawn, green food dye mixed into most of the food, a jump related leg injury, and glowsticks scattered in the pool.

Annapolis Irish Festival // We got these tickets from Phoenix and the festival was right up our alley. I rocked out to some great songs by The Rovers while going from tent to tent. I picked up a Guiness Gaelic Footballer Pub Sign for my Dad's bar he's building in the basement that says "Guinness, Beer of Strength" in Irish. And Gerred even got me a beautiful music box that plays an Irish lullaby and I absolutely love it. After heading to that festival I'm certainly ready to head to Ireland.

Firefly Music Festival // There will be more to come on the Firefly Music Festival, but I must talk about this sparkled up, jort + indian headress wearing hula hooper. He was amazing and was just about everywhere dancing to the beat and getting low to some pretty sweet songs.

The Killers // They were at Firefly and they were amazing. There was so much hype, dancing, and the light show was amazing. The only thing that could have made it better was fireworks. Which went off 3 times during the show and there was even a finale fireworks display.

How was your July?

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