Friday, October 12, 2012

Transportation in London

Last week's trip to England proved to be a near disaster in the transportation area when I discovered that half of the tube was shut down for maintenance. I was sort of relying on the tube as our main sort of transportation from all the major landmarks. But I quickly adapted from just trips on the tube to walking some blocks to other stations, taking the tube, to switch to a double decker bus, and then to a train, to a bus, a tube, and back again. 

The tube is a lot better than the D.C. Metro. Things tended to look a lot more "clean" or at least gave the illusion.

It was better to take other modes of transportation outside of the tube because I got to see the above ground. I saw the streets and the English countryside on the trip to Birmingham.

In a way I'm kind of glad that the tube wasn't as reliable because I know how to really navigate the streets and tube in a way I really never thought I'd be able to.


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  1. I actually liked the DC Metro (even though I had to run 4 miles from the Federal Triangle stop over to Foggy Bottom because Federal Triangle was closed!)... but I was there for the Obama inauguration so the district was working hard to keep everything clean.