Monday, February 24, 2014

Birthday Ball: Harry Potter

Birthday Ball, the dance that celebrates the birthday of the immaculate Jorge Washington. A dance with an $80,000 budget and a pension for drunk students milling about. A dance I am generally blown away by. This year the theme was Harry Potter! While walking around campus I found loads of muggles in costume or dressed up in their house colors.

Great outfits turned up this dance and since I'm a Hufflepuff I went with a White House Black Market black and gold polkadot dress. One might argue that I was just a boozy housewife or a secretary from the 50s but I'm pretty sure those two are prime Hufflepuff values so I'll accept them. Another skill that Hufflepuff's are great at is finding people and out of the many times I got lost on the dance floor I seemed to find my people, mainly because Ben is 6'4".

The Harry Potter dance was a great way to cap off the tradition of Birthday Ball for me, making this the best dance to date.
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  1. I'm SO glad to see you blogging again! :)