Monday, October 27, 2014

Pensacola Beach Day

I made a decision last week to finally embrace the 81 degree weather here in Florida (only after complaining about my need for Fall of course.) This weekend, Gerred and I packed towels, sunscreen, and snacks, and made our way over to Pensacola Beach.

When it comes to the beach, I conjure up the shores of Bethany Beach or OBX. I see yellow sands and waves of dark green water. But, the Gulf is a completely different beach from that of my memories. Pensacola's sands are white and the water is inexplicably clear. I thought I was on a tropical island with how blue the water was.

The days we spent at the beach were so relaxing. We napped in the sun, Gerred played with his new iPhone 6, and I read The Old Man and the Sea. Reading Hemingway's novella by the same Gulf Coast where the book takes place was really something. I heard the waves crashing, felt the sun, and saw the sands in the book. I felt I was there in the boat alongside Santiago as he tried to catch the Marlin. Reading the book in a place I could truly imagine the setting really made the book pop for me more than it would if I read it, say, in bed.

It's these little relaxing days that change my view of the beach. I think I am getting used to this permanent beach life.
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  1. Spending time at the beach in the sand and beautiful water is one of the many joys of being in Pensacola.