Thursday, October 23, 2014


It's October, but it's somehow 70 degrees. I've got a military ID and a new last name.  Stuck in an empty house in the South, I'm ready to share with you all the musings that are currently going on during this changing time in my life.

Trying to revive this blog. It's been awhile and a whirlwind of things have happened between the last time I posted and now. I finished my thesis, graduated college, planned a wedding, spent time with friends and family, got married, and moved down to Florida. Now that all the thesis writing and wedding planning are over, I'm finally finding the time to breathe again. I'm ready to come back to this blog and share with you my life as it happens right now. Where have I been while I wasn't blogging? Instagram. I'm always instagramming my life.

Living in an empty house. The day after Gerred and I got married, we packed my car with only a few summer clothes and headed down to Milton, Florida. At the time, Gerred's two other roommates were living with us (every newlywed's dream.) But they've since moved and the house is completely empty of all furniture. No tables, chairs, couch, plates, or cookware. All the furniture we have is still at my house in Maryland and we won't have that until our next move. In the meantime we like to pretend we're urban camping while we use paper plates and plastic forks for our meals.

Proud of Gerred for finishing his last flight of flight school. After 2 years, he's gone from API to Helicopter School with his nose in the books and his head in the sky. He's studied hard and tackled some difficult tests and flights. Well done Gerred, can't wait for your winging on November 7.

Moving to God knows where? Seriously, it's killing me. I'm so ready to move, find a job and a home, and finally settle in. Gerred put in his preferences yesterday so it's not even in our hands anymore. It'll only be another 2 weeks to find out where we're going, but oh do I want that time to hurry on by.

Missing my house, family, friends. I miss the familiarity of waking up in my own room. But love that I get to share this one with Gerred. I miss walking around the house and seeing my Mom, Dad, and Grandma downstairs. I love that they all call, text, and Facetime me as much as possible. I miss a furnished home one with chairs and pots and pans. I keep tell myself I've only a month before I'll have everything moved into our new home. I miss Danny coming over for wine and documentaries. But I'm glad we still Skype in for our movies. I miss Katie since we're in the same boat with all this Navy business. I am grateful she calls me everyday to make me laugh and reassure me that everything will be ok.

Forgetting what Fall is like. The Florida Panhandle is a hot swampy place. This week the temperature is clocking in the high 70s and I can't even fathom it. I'm sorry, but October to me is supposed to be cold enough that I shouldn't be wearing shorts and flip flops any more. What even is Fall? Pumpkin Spice? Leaves? Cool weather? I don't recall.

Working on my fitness. I may have neglected working out after the wedding was over so I'm ready to run again (It's not ungodly hot anymore,) lift weights, and try some classes at the gym. Like tonight Gerred and I are going to try the spin class. I'd also like to add that I love that the gym on base is free. It's a great transition from the free (well it's included with tutition) gym at Washington College.

Exploring as much of Florida and it's surrounding areas as I can. Despite my distrust of the weather and lack of stability between moves, I do actually like Florida. Gerred and I try to spend our nights out in Pensacola at Gerred's staple bar, World of Beer or visiting different restaurants for our food passport (more on that later.) We've even been able to take weekend trips to Disney World and New Orleans that have been absolutely fun. I cannot wait to continue to explore more exciting spots and events during our limited time left in the Florida Panhandle. If you have any suggestions let me know.

Loving the time I get to spend with him. It's great to finally spend more than just a weekend with him again. We cook dinners, do chores, cuddle, watch shows, and go on dates and it's wonderful. I love the comfort of knowing that he's next to me and not on the other end of the phone. I love that my long distance relationship is over with my cat. Oh, did you think I was talking Gerred. Oh yeah I love Gerred too.

There you have it, my Florida life up to the minute. Get ready for this blog to explode again.


  1. SO glad to see you blogging again!!!

  2. Missed your blog and I miss you. Love your views on life and verse, keep it up