Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Looking Towards the Return

With only 11 days left in Ireland I'm torn between wanting to stay forever in Ireland and wanting to rush back home for the holidays.I want to see more of Ireland, do more, photograph more. I want to hang out with my friends, the UCC Rovers, and enjoy the moment.But I'm very excited to see my family. I can't wait to show them my ring and catch them up with all my stories and adventures. I am excited for:

Dress Hunting
Mother-daughter Days
Christmas Eve
Jenn's Bridal Shower
Annapolis Bridal Expo

As well as my upcoming travels when I get back to America. Yeah, I guess I'm not quite done traveling.

Maryland (Home and Family)

Seeing Gerred, Katie, and Phoenix in Florida
Disney World
Harry Potter World

Dominican Republic (Brother's Wedding)

I have a lot to look forward to. And with 1 1/2 exams and 1 paper down I'm definitely closer to all that awaits for my return. I just need to write 2 more papers, and complete 1 1/2 more exams.


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  1. Good luck on your last finals ahd have a safe trip back to the States! Btw, Harry Potter World was awesome!